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Since the year 2000, A.B.C Restorations has been engaged in the manual, no-chemical restoration of heritage architectural components (timber doors, windows, architectural mouldings, skirting, etc.) to a totally new condition. Our company recognizes no form of restoration other than total restoration by manual qualified skill as being valid.

On the main page of this site we displayed the irreversible damage to timber caused by paint removal via chemical treatment ('quick strip' or 'caustic dipping'). The preliminary impulse or trend toward chemical treatment is at least partly due to a lack of skilled resources within the trade, forgivable lack of public awareness, in addition to ambitious economy within the trade (for example, there is little effort in the submersion of ten front doors in a caustic tank, the removal of these doors from the tank, and then a hose down of the residue all within half a day and at a cost of $100 per door).

A.B.C Restorations also stocks a range of original joinery and offers onsite assessments to the restoration of house lots with free advice to approved clients.

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